Monday, February 09, 2009


Destination Destiny

Soon and Very soon was awarded the 2008 Best Book Award from EDC Creations.

I have proclaimed 2009 as Destination Destiny. The last two years of marketing my first book, Soon and Very Soon was just a pre-cursor of things to come. Despite a limited budget, God was limitless in his faithfulness to this project. I e-mailed friends, joined social networking sites, snail-mailed bookstores, joined more social networking sites, did interviews and book signings and courted bookclubs, all with rich returns. My purpose was clear-share my honest commentary on a life with Christ through fictional characters and storylines. It had been a dream ten years in the making since I first penned the story. I feel in love with the tale of two pastors who decide to marry and combine their churches. Once again I’ve been prompted to put pen to paper and bring to life more stories of passion, pain and prayer. This year I will be ramping up to the release of my second novel, The Manual, in bookstores everywhere October 2009, as well as, completing manuscripts for Soon After, the sequel to Soon and Very Soon (September 2010) and another story released the following year. Join me on this thrill ride and I’ll promise you that you’ll be entertained and inspired.

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