Monday, June 07, 2004


diary of a middle school teacher

This is my first post. I read my cousin's journal and wanted to start my own. Record my thoughts, especially at works so I don't go off and hurt someone's child. I hate my job. I teach 3 ninety minut classes each day to a bunch of children who could care less about words and poetry and correct speech for that matter. Oh yeah they know some words: curse words and slang. The cursing is so bad that you cannot possibley catch everyone who is cursing and write them up or suspend them, then the whole school would be suspended. I hate this school cause I see the worst of black people in them. It brings me down. I just completed a lseeon on grammar with my first class that I know will be pregressively harder to teach as the day goes on. Then my last class FORGET IT! They just want to jone or talk about one another. They gget on my nervers. I thought I had good discipline until I came to this school. These fools have no fear. There has been a many time that I just sat dowwn cause no one was listening to me especially my last class. My desk is overrun with papers to grade. I knw half of it is crapI need TLC's clean sweep or trading apces to organize my teaching area. But I have ten more day with these student. I can't wait!

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